Nolico Taki
Nolico Taki
(Noriko Takizawa)

Born in 1987 Lives and works in Berlin


2017 Meisterschülerin from Prof.Peter Fischli
2015-2017 Study at Städelschule Frankfurt am Main by Prof. Peter Fischli
2011-2015 Study at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf by Prof. Rita McBride
2006-2010 Bachelor, oil-painting, Tama Art University, Japan


2015-2016 Grants for Overseas Study by Young Artists, POLA Art Fundation, Japan
2012-2013 Study Scholarships for Foreign Graduates in the Fields of Fine Art DAAD


2017 Fröhliche Neugestaltung (Happy Reshaping) Eulengasse, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


2019 Pola Museum Annex (empathy and abstraction), Pola Museum Annex, Tokyo, Japan
2018 appearing unannounced,a part of Painnale 2018 (Painnale B lost map), Rirkrit Tiravanija’s studio at Tambon Nam-bo-luang, Chiangmai,Thailand
(initiated by Paphonsak La-or and put together by Sathit Sattarasart)

COOP,part of Bangkok Biennial, 3rd floor 469 Phrasumen Road, Bangkok, Thailand,
(curated by Muriel Meyer)
2017 Home of the Brave. Absolventen der Städelschule 2017,Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Adriana, OFFRAUM8, Düsseldorf
2016 Comfort, collaboration with Sathit Sattarasart,ONE FOOT IN DOOR, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Game Flan, collaboration with Sathit Sattarasart,BASIS Projektraum, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2013-2014 Podiumsdiskussion, der Klasse McBride and Elmer Hermann,
Verantwortung, Düsseldorf, Germany
Bildung, HVS Haus , Düsseldorf, Germany
Erkenntnis, M29 , Köln, Germany
Kunst, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany