Nolico Taki
Breakfast 9:00 am
Gratefulness of stairs doubling as drawers
Collecting seven same pair of clothes
Clear one’s mind of distracting thoughts
Gathering them into two boxes
Synonym of the act of returning stuff to where it was placed
Tidy up your future and past too
An Addiction of replacing them on the shelves which the objects’s names written on
Compulsion and The Way of Living

A loud voice of Good Morning,
Shining brilliantly Sun
Furthermore last night’s nightmares
All of them are thrown into the mixer
Mixed juice in the morning
Mixed juice Mixed juice
If you drink it down
It feels like something good is gonna happen
He liked this child’s song very much in his childhood. Sometimes high notes pleases his ear.
He believed this song was about promoting health.
When he found it in supermarket, he always pressed his mother for it.
A bit dark orange colour, many proportions of orange and carrot.
It was dazzling like sunshine
He drunk it in one gulp and he expected something good was going happen.

40m3 and 27m3, which one would you choose if they were the same price?
Having a tight communication between them and cleaning company about their ecology’s policy
A level of darkness of room’s corners
One’s favourite number of lights on the ceiling
Natural leather furnitures
The beauty of dusts in the air seen through the sunshine from one window with a thin curtain in the morning
Or a trendy interior with white sheets

That TV program was quite fun in that time
It was peeking at me from a door behind and showing a half of its face.
It kept silent and stood still
Although he doesn’t need it, it kept standing still
Second baby is irrelevant for it
Fasting belt doesn’t matter for it
Conversation with mannequin

stone, lamp, chain
stone: 50x63x10 (cm)