Nolico Taki
In the entrance area of the exhibition coop Lee’s and Taki’s installation constitutes a space by itself. A carpet by Taki is presented, in crème white with black figures on it showing an overall structure which seems to be a pattern but it is not. In its manner, reminiscent of Paul Gauguin and Henri Rousseau, the carpet depicts a jungle with tigers, flowers and ice coffee. Taki was as well inspired by elements of Thai Airways and tourist advertising. One mirror is installed by Lee on the carpet reflecting the carpet itself. In total seven pieces of mirror and two-way mirror surround the carpet from each side in different distances and heights. All mirrors are with small imperfections, so they subtly transfigure the environment and distort the viewer’s perception. The mirrors are combined with light bulbs immersing the installation in an atmospheric sphere. Taki created the carpet without knowing what Lee was planning to show and vice versa. Both started their collaboration with an agreement on rules: each artist has visited Thailand before, so they decided to write about their past experience in a poetic style, which is mirrored in the work’s title. Afterwards they exchanged their texts and reacted with a work based on each other’s experiences. In Taki’s translation of Lee’s writing the feeling of adventure and holidays in a tropical sphere immediately comes up. Thereby the carpet stands for a sign of family, because Lee travelled on her last Thailand visit with her family. Travelling is often connected with the family, so the carpet is one piece of furniture from the living or dining room where families gather together and collectively share their experiences. And so, the family stands for a microcosm of society. In our times where families often have no time for themselves, because of a busy all-day life, holidays become the only time for common experiences and exchange. Individuals and families use holidays as an escape from society and culture in order to try to find themselves in a foreign environment.

For the exhibition coop the collaboration of Cheonghye Sophia Lee and Nolico Taki took the risk to fail, because they both surprised each other with their work. In this process of commenting on each others’ writing they both find a way to follow their own interests. Lee’s interest lies in questions of perception and interpretation while Taki focuses on stories and history. The use of mirrors reflects a human necessity to constantly reflect, project and react on others. Thus, they treat in their collaboration the basics of each relationship: mirroring and surprising one another.

text : Muriel Meyer

Carpet, glass, mirroe foil, bricks, light bulbs
dimensiona variable
collaboration with Cheonghye Sophia Lee
curated by Muriel Mayer